Thursday, January 21, 2016

Midterm Exam

            Journalism Final

Toulmin Method

Claim-the main idea, topic, details and info
Data-proof about claim
Warrant-explain why or how
Backing-why it should be supported and extra info on reasons for this and why it should be stopped
Counterclaim-an idea opposite of the claim idea
Rebuttal-proof disagree with counterclaim

                                      Less Bullying
There have been many stories about good things but there are also stories about bad things too. One of the worst things in a story that anyone can tell is about bullying [claim]. After many attempts to stop it or at least try to stop it and many school systems, programs, etc.. how to stop bullying and cyberbullying for good [data]. Kids have been shown, talked to and in trouble for bullying before. There are fights, kids getting beat up, etc.. Especially when you think they’ve stopped and learned their lesson, they don’t. The reason to stop it is for everyone’s benefit, those you have done it, those who had it done to, those who think of doing it and those who may not know they will have it done to soon [warrant]. Everyone should support this cause especially those who have experienced it themselves know what it’s like [backing]. Those who think they shouldn’t stop bullying altogether or don’t care at all aren’t thinking of who it harms which is people, places and even you [counterclaim]. Disagreeing on why careless people don’t like the idea of stopping bullying would prefer different feedback then people with opposite opinions than them. Overall, the basic idea this is trying to make and point to put across is… Bullying and why it should be stopped for good. Why people do this is, is beyond everyone’s mind. There could either be a real reason for it or not. When there is a reason for it kids tend to take it out on other kids the wrong way. This cause should be supported well and taken very seriously as the end result for something like this could be death by suicide. The opposite of the claim ‘’bullying, why it should be stopped for good’’ is why bullying shouldn’t be stopped for good. Disagreement on the counterclaim ‘’why bullying shouldn’t be stopped for good’’ is not good because it hurts people mostly innocent people sometimes and most of the time for no reason.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Political Editorial

         Political Editorial

Whatever the topic concerning politics, the most important thing to the person writing the story is that they get a lots of opinions, votes and views. What they want more than anything is for people to know how important those things can really be and how they help political elections. Votes, help them to know who cares enough about it to want to vote. Views, help them to know who has at least seen what they’ve put out about it. The opinions, show what people think and how they think.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Person Commentary

   Student Choice Unit

First Person Commentary-[somewhat similar to literary commentary], focusing on a specific person describing another story. The story they tell teaches lessons and use skills they’ve experienced. This commentary is reviewing what someone thinks about a certain topic such as reading about something that doesn´t seem real or true to life.

                                           First Person Commentary

Reading is important. To most people [mostly kids] reading doesn´t seem to matter as much. From the article called ¨10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids¨, it says that parents should start reading to their children at an early age to prepare them for reading on their own and help them understand it more. When children start attending school and usually start reading by kindergarten they are more likely to know the material well because of starting it earlier at home. There are different ways to teach young kids to read. ThereĊ› reading regular kindergarten level books for them with pictures for them to learn easier words at first. As they get older they will read books for their correct age level. There´s also certain books that teach children to actually read with short stories, pictures and how to sound out letters and words.

Friday, December 4, 2015

School Survey

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Phones Over School

 Why Do Kids Not Like School and Would Rather Be On Their Phones?
Some kids might say it’s boring, a waste of time, or stupid. Another question we ask ourselves is ‘’why are people so addicted to their phones’’?  More and more people everyday are caught on their phones especially iphones. As new apple products come out and more people will go out and get phones and use them 24-7. Texting and driving is also a bad idea and another time not to use your phone. These days iphones come out with more things added to them like “Siri’’ for when people need help finding something, to call/text someone, certain times, places, etc.. Every time new apple products come out it seems more  games and social media. things are on it making more people want to get it. Although most people will tend to go for these things for that reason it may not be the only reason. It could also be because of how most other people have to update to the next phone. There are other things people are addicted to on their phones which is mostly games and social media. In many schools their are different rules about phones that they either aren’t allowed at all or only certain places in the school being allowed to use them. Maybe some teachers don’t care at all and let students have their phones out. All students using their phones that aren’t allowed to will sneak them and not let them see. In school phones are used by students behind teachers backs  teachers. The real questions we should ask are..

Research Questions-
1.Why is school so boring to students? Why do most kids not like school?
Most kids don’t enjoy attending school because they find themselves bored there. If schools were to have kids take a survey with different questions about school and why they don’t ‘’like’’ school there would most likely be a much smaller amount  that like it and a much bigger amount that ‘’dislike’’ it.

2.What can teachers do in class to make it more entertaining to students?
They can play more games, teach visually, etc.., doing things their students would do when they are home or with their friends.

3.Is there a way students can use their phones for something in class?
If there were to be an assignment for any class [phone related] or if for some reasons computers couldn't be used then teachers might allow people to use their phones especially if absolutely necessary.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Freakonomics Assignment

a] View Freakonomics and Pink lecture segment

b]”Drive” is about how people should be motivated to do well

c] What does scholarly and journalistic research say about prevailing views of motivation? How might we reconcile the distinctions between the film and the text?

I think that motivation is the useful when more people use it to help people. A lot of students in school like bribary which will sometimes motivate some of them to do better. While there are also other methods that may or may not work differently for some people.

What I Would Like To Learn About

I would like to learn about my future career which is writing for tv. When I’m older I would like to learn and do things like screenplay working for tv shows and movies and writing what they would be all about. You could call it screenplay writer, scriptwriting, or screenwriting. I would like to learn more because I already know that you have to come up with ideas for certain things that you write about and discuss with the other people you work with.  My job will allow me to write about different stories to turn into ideas for things on tv. You have to combine all good ideas and write them down. Once you use all your ideas for the same purpose it will go good together. One you’ve written down everything and it’s put together into a story. When you are working on this you could/would mostly be with a group of people with similar or different ideas to yours.

Another thing I would like to learn more about would be what makes brothers and sisters fight with each other. Almost 100 percent of the time it’s because of their differences with some things or disagreements. When siblings argue they will literally fight differently than they would with anyone else like their friends, parents or anyone else. Why do most siblings fight often? Why do they fight about their differences when it’s good to have your own opinion? Why is it different arguing then with anyone else? Siblings tend to argue because especially when they’re younger they go through a stage in their lives when they argue with each other. At home kids seem to do things that annoy their siblings especially in the case when there’s an older and younger sibling and they do things like take each other’s things or do anything to purposely annoy them. As they get older they will all grow out of this and that stage of their life will be over as they mature.